GZV #35: Dating App And Invest In Everything.

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Let me introduce you to Snack.




Online dating in the past never felt real, people just liked others based on profile pictures and it was hard to build real relationships.


Snack brings personality into the equation by watching other users videos about themselves, their hobbies, or just their average day.

Gen Z View:

  • Online dating needs to change, I’ve said it again and again, not a lot of real relationships are made online.

  • Gen Z is looking for dating apps who change things up, and one of them will be a homerun, but I would we are still actively searching.

  • I believe an app that adds more personality to users profiles will become one of the winners.

The CEO:

Kim Kaplan was an early employee of Plenty of Fish, which sold to Match in 2015 for $575 million. Her main focus was product, marketing and revenue and was on the executive team.


Raised $3.5 million seed during Covid. If interested in having a conversation email info@thesnackapp.com.


When Gen Z thinks of investing, most of them think of the stock market. Over the last year as we know, Gen Z got really familiar with the stock market. As we get back to normal though, the amount of Gen Z’s trading stocks may start to decrease. Good news is, they may also start to transition to alternative investing platforms who are still in early stages.

These past few months my mind has been amazed at how many new investment platforms I have found. It is almost like you can invest in anything now. Let me give a quick rundown of all the new ways to invest.

For startups you can use platforms like Wefunder, SeedInvest, or Republic. And with new regulation passed by the government, investing in startups with little capital has gotten a lot easy.

You can buy the rights to Jack Dorsey’s first tweet and other tweets through an NFT platform, Cents.

You can invest in vintage wine through Vinovest.

You can buy rights to digital art through NFT’s on marketplaces like Superrare and OpenSea.

You can invest in a share of music rights through Vezt.

You can invest in a share of home loans through Groundfloor.

You can invest in culture, like shoes or sports cards through Otis.

You can invest in collectible assets like cars, old magazines, and Pokemon cards through Rally.

Its truly amazing how many thing you can invest in with these new platforms. The question now becomes what will Gen Z navigate toward?

I have distinguished two qualities that may attract Gen Z in an alternative investment. First is the belief they can get rich quick, if Gen Z thinks they can return 200% if they buy music rights, they will buy music rights. Second is how much hype surrounds the product. When Logan Paul did an NFT for Pokemon cards, he sold $3 million worth of that NFT.

If I were to guess I believe Gen Z will start to drift toward the creator and influencer focused NFT’s. If creators start to sell cool pieces of merchandise through NFT’s or athletes sell game jerseys, this will start to grab the interest of Gen Z. This will especially explode if you could open up secondary markets for these NFT’s.


- Tom