GZV #46: Gen Z Needs Unbiased News and IOS 15

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Let me introduce you to Volv.


There is no good news outlet for Gen Z. We don’t watch the news, and we don’t read newspapers. Most people get their news from opinions or simply headlines, and most of these are very biased.


Just like content has become short form, news needs to follow. Volv has done this in a very simple yet, un-biased, and pleasing way.


  • First things first, the design is flawless. The interaction within the app is super familiar to Gen Z and will help with user retention in the beginning.

  • This news is truly unbiased which is very needed within Gen Z because we are super influenceable. Check out this example from the website below.

  • The quality of the quick reads for news stories are very high. Took me about a minute to get through 5 high quality news pieces. Did you know the kids of Wall Street Bets went to the Gangnam Style youtube video to talk about trades when reddit went down the other day?

Some other stuff

  • Volv was recently just accepted into Snapchat’s Yellow Accelerator. 👀

  • Some users call the platform the “tiktok for text”


Unaware. Email me thomas@genzvoice.com for potential introduction to team.

Apple Hit The Nail On The Head. Again.

Check out this thread here.

I don’t know about you, but it has been a while since my friends and I have been this excited about an IOS update.

I remember in 8th grade when IOS 7 came out kids were sneaking to the bathroom to get their phones in their locker so they could start downloading it. If you had IOS 7 on your phone by lunchtime that day, you were a cool kid. (I obviously was one of them)

Nowadays, IOS updates seem to come and go, but IOS 15 gives the some of the same excitement we had when IOS 7 hit.

The list of features is endless, but I wanted to highlight a few that some Gen Z’ers found most appealing.

First off, everything with FaceTime. Sharing screen, watch together, and listen together.

My gosh, finally I can stop sending people links while I am facetiming them, now I can share the screen. This feature seems long over do and I am very happy they are finally adding it.

It seems the more features that get released revolving around FaceTime, the more virtual hangouts with friends get better.

I have also seen multiple startups and companies promote the idea of “watch parties”, well now these startups have a little barrier they have to tackle called Apple.

Second, maps.

Even though maps was a revolutionary product from the beginning, navigation has always been hard. The new AR-type set up that Apple has brought to the table can really make taking the right turn that much easier. And trust me, Gen Z solely relies on their phone for navigation so we need all the help we can get.

Third, Focus.

The do not disturb add on, dubbed “Focus”, can really help for my generation. We are constantly distracted by our phones and working has become a little harder when we get pinged from a friend. The focus feature can now allow us to procrastinate a little less in the ways the we want.

And finally, Privacy.

Surprisingly enough, I get the vibe that Gen Z doesn't care as much about privacy as other generations. For us, it seems like a hassle to “protect yourself” and most people just believe that your data is really only used for targeted ads, when in truth it can be used for a lot more.

I believe that Gen Z will definitely become more conscious about our privacy as we move forward and Apple is definitely going to help direct this notion.

That is all for today!